Phases #2 Diamond Ring

In a luxuriously tactile play on the phases of matter, a soft square signet is gouged and melted. Seemingly viscous gold pools and dribbles slowly over one shoulder. A brilliant white diamond complements a larger dark champagne diamond that sinks into the surface.

Made from

  • recycled 9ct yellow gold
  • recycled 9ct white gold
  • recycled 18ct yellow gold


  • 3.5mm RBC C5-C6VS diamond, 2mm RBC FGSI diamond

Hand sculpted in wax. Finished by hand.

Face measures 11mm x 10.5mm

For custom size option, please leave a note at checkout with your size.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for production.

Orders are currently closed whilst I’m on maternity leave. Please enquire for info on when orders for this item will re-open.
In the meantime, see available pieces here.
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Phases #2 Diamond Ring

$1,970.00 AUD