Antidote Necklace

A small vessel intended as a wearable pill box for a small capsule, or to carry a keepsake.

This piece can be scaled up. Please get in touch if you‘d like a custom size to fit your keepsake.

Made from

  • sterling silver

Sterling silver paperclip chain

Designed and sculpted using CAD and 3D printing. Constructed and finished by hand.

Pendant measures 18mm x 16mm x 9mm
Fits capsule 6mm x 16mm

To use: Remove from chain. Separate the two parts by twisting the top part anti-clockwise until it stops, then hold the two loops as close to the opening parts as possible and gently slide the two pieces apart. Do not pull the loops apart at the bottom as this will cause leverage and could damage the opening parts. To connect them, slide them together at the same point they separated and twist the top part clockwise. Be gentle and do not force, the two parts fit together easily and only one way.

  • S - adjustable up to 45cm
  • M - adjustable up to 60cm

Please allow 2-4 weeks for production


Antidote Necklace

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